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In 1982, a spirited, young non-conformist opened a metaphysical bookstore called The Ark. She had always sensed that others would join her in her venture; within the first year, two more visionaries appeared. Though their budget was small, their dream was big: to provide sanctuary for spiritual seekers from all walks of life. 


They found an old adobe in a residential Santa Fe neighborhood and renovated it with sunny enthusiasm and borrowed tools. The Ark soon emerged as a wellspring of peace, beauty, and inclusivity. The community flocked to its mystic shelves and tranquil gardens.


Over the years, The Ark family evolved into a multi-cultural, matriarchal enterprise. The store broadened its role as a spiritual emporium while honoring the essence of every past contributor. After more than four decades, The Ark continues to illuminate hearts and minds with its comprehensive selection of tools for joy and transformation. Although its reach is ever-expanding, its philosophy remains the same: “Love is the bottom line.”


When one of the original founders was asked what motivated her to go forward after four decades of stewardship, she replied, “The initial passion has developed into a full embrace of the service aspect of love. Our customers look to us for solace, inspiration, and insight. Their growth catalyzes our growth, and their trust renews our sense of purpose.

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