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Serpentine - Pack of 3
Serpentine - Pack of 3 Sale price$10.95
Hematite - Pack of 3
Hematite - Pack of 3 Sale price$10.95
Hematoid Points - Pack of 3
Mahogany Obsidian - Pack of 3
Selenite Bowl
Selenite Bowl Sale price$10.95
Rose Quartz Free FormRose Quartz Free Form
Rose Quartz Free Form Sale price$24.00
Quartz Point
Quartz Point Sale price$280.00
Moon Selenite Bowl
Moon Selenite Bowl Sale price$19.95
Fluorite Points
Fluorite Points Sale price$39.00
Save $3.99Cherry Quartz Point
Cherry Quartz Point Sale price$15.96 Regular price$19.95
Save $3.99Carnelian Free FormCarnelian Free Form
Carnelian Free Form Sale price$15.96 Regular price$19.95
Save $1.20Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline Sale price$4.80 Regular price$6.00
Save $15.80Amethyst Free Form
Amethyst Free Form Sale price$63.20 Regular price$79.00
Crystal Purification Set
Crystal Purification Set Sale price$60.00
Save $13.99Crystal Empowerment Set
Crystal Empowerment Set Sale price$55.96 Regular price$69.95
Save $13.99Crystal Magic Set
Crystal Magic Set Sale price$55.96 Regular price$69.95
Prosperity Crystal Set
Prosperity Crystal Set Sale price$24.00
Pyrite Cluster
Pyrite Cluster Sale price$49.00
Serpentine Sale price$79.00
Labradorite Free FormLabradorite Free Form
Labradorite Free Form Sale price$29.00
Elestial Smokey Amethyst PointElestial Smokey Amethyst Point
Save $13.80Clear Quartz Point
Clear Quartz Point Sale price$55.20 Regular price$69.00
Indigo Gabbro (Mystic Merlinite) Palmstone
Save $1.59Amethyst Palmstone
Amethyst Palmstone Sale price$6.36 Regular price$7.95
Golden Quartz Palmstone
Golden Quartz Palmstone Sale price$7.95
Red Banded Agate Palmstone
Kambaba Jasper Palmstone
Kambaba Jasper Palmstone Sale price$7.95