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Altar Candles


Deity Altar Candles to ignite your intention. Each candle features a deity and the intention and meaning behind the deity. All candles are plain white candles. Add your own essential oils and herbs to enhance your intention.

White Tara - Longevity + Serenity

Green Tara - Mother of All Buddhas + Compassion

Kali - Wrathful Mother Goddess + Powerful Protection

Durga - Feminine Power + Creative Forces

St. Francis - Kindness + Love for Animals

Guadalupe - Heart Healing + Protection Against Negativity

Ganesh - Good Fortune + Remover of Obstacles

Lakshmi - Good Fortune + Prosperity

Kuan Yin - Compassion + Mercy, Relief of Suffering

Archangel Michael - Strength + Protection

Medicine Buddha - Healing

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