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Divina Tarot Deck


The DIVINA Tarot Deck was made to serve as a sequel to the original SPIRIT SPEAK Tarot Deck.

Each deck contains 78 black and white cards and a 78-page detailed guidebook. These whimsical images were created by artist Mary Elizabeth Evans with pen, ink, and greyscale watercolor. This little deck packs a big punch.

This hand-drawn tarot deck will be your newest guide to tarot reading. It features original drawings on each card, with a decorative black and white sparkling fairy dust illustration on the other side. Includes a tarot deck guidebook, so that the reader can make the most out of their desired card.

This is an especially great deck to keep with you as a travel companion due to its smaller size. Easy to have spirit with you at all times!

The Divina Tarot includes:

◖ 78 black and white cards with illustrations hand-drawn by Mary Elizabeth Evans.
◖ Black and white tarot case
◖ A small guidebook explaining each card.

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