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Energy Bracelets


Bracelets meant to be worn on the left wrist to call down certain energies -- although they can be worn on either wrist. All bracelets are genuine gemstone except for the Mermaid Glass and Opalite bracelets. Although not gemstone, the aesthetic, intention poured into the bracelets along with the feeling it brings the wearer is what makes these bracelets just as powerful as the gemstone bracelets.

Choose from the following gemstones and glass:

♥ Lepidocrocite: Awareness + Expansion
♥ Black Agate: Grounding + Strength
♥ Opalite: Guidance + Peace
♥ Mermaid Glass: Beauty + Vibrancy
♥ Phantom Amethyst: Intuition + Release
♥ Prehnite: Serenity + Inner Knowing

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