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Healing Depression Without Medication


Many antidepressants--the first line in our standard of care for treating depression--bring with them potential health risks, yet 1 in 6 Americans takes medication to alleviate feeling sad, anxious, stuck, or unable to focus or sleep. More and more, conventional medicine pathologizes how we respond to life's challenges--like feeling trapped in an unfulfilling job, grieving the death of a loved one, or being anxious about a bad relationship--telling us that they're symptoms of disease.

Psychiatrist Jodie Skillicorn presents a new path, debunking the myth of the neurochemical imbalance and exploring the roots of depression, such as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and poorly managed day-to-day stress. Evidence-based and fully supported by current depression research, Dr. Skillicorn's holistic methods for beating depression--including nutrition, mindfulness, fostering meaningful connections, exercise, sleep, nature, and breathwork--empower readers to become agents of their own wholeness and healing.

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