Ark Books

Intention Bottles


Each bottle is filed with herbs and crystal to place only our altar to beckon a specific energy:

Spark Magic: Jasmine + Moonstone - Feminine Power, Moon Connection, Magic

Truth Seeker: Yerba Santa + Smokey Quartz - Grounding, Truth, Clarity

Potent Protection: Black Salt + Lemurian Quartz - Protection, Boundaries, Cord Cutting

Let Love In: Rose + Hematoid - Love Spell, Self-Care, Beauty

Nature Spirit: Cedar + Green Apophyllite - Earth Connection, Clarity, Harmony

Good Fortune: Hibiscus + Citrine - Prosperity, Abundance, Mental Clarity

Hold your new intention bottle or keep nearby. Occasionally tell your new herbal crystalline friend your intention, wishes, and dreams. Cleanse with Palo Santo or Sage so that it doesn't become overwhelmed. 

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