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"Ali Cramer has not only created a resource on Ayurveda that is accessible and relevant to 21st century living, she has managed to do it while maintaining the authenticity and wisdom of this ancient Indian science. Modern Ayurveda is the perfect guide for dabblers and connoisseurs alike who want to learn how to use this powerful practice to bring balance, joy, and healing into their life."--Sarah Platt-Finger, Co-founder of ISHTA Yoga

Ancient wisdom for balancing busy modern lives.

Ayurveda is an ancient South Asian system of holistic health and wisdom that's been practiced throughout the world for thousands of years. It teaches us to live in harmony with the world around us by balancing our naturally-occurring physical and mental tendencies with the limitations of our lives. Modern Ayurveda introduces you to the basics of the Ayurvedic way of eating and lifestyle choices, with everything from recipes and morning meditations to daily routines, personalized yoga practices, and more.

Every recommendation in this book is designed to make Ayurveda doable and accessible for busy people today. You will discover your dosha -- the particular type of energy that governs your natural tendencies -- and how to work with it for optimum well-being in body and mind.

Modern Ayurveda offers:

  • An ever-evolving way of being--Build your own flexible program of complete self-care on a foundation of small actions.

  • 7-day plans--Kickstart your journey into the Ayurveda way with a 1-week activity and eating plan for your dosha.

  • What's your type?--Take the test to find out whether your dosha type is Kapha (strong, honest, nurturing), Pitta (athletic, charismatic, authoritative), or Vata (willowy, spontaneous, visionary).

Ayurveda will empower you to make simple changes that fit easily into your everyday life.

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