Black Moonstone Pocket Crystal | Protection + Magic

Black Moonstone Pocket Crystal | Protection + Magic


These pocket crystals are filled with magical iridescence + rainbows. Moonstone is the stone of the Goddess, and these are certainly fit for the Goddess within you!
Each piece has a glowing sheen over the deep black stone. Holding one, you can instantly feel the tingly sensation that is the magical energy and vibrations. Black Moonstone would be wonderful for someone who needs to reconnect with their Goddess. It is a perfect gift too due to the abundance that it attracts.

Black Moonstone offers protection from harmful influences. It helps us to develop our intuition and spiritual awareness. It is a wonderful meditation companion and helpful when reading tarot. It also increases loyalty, success, + love.


Each piece is unique and magnificent. This listing is for a Black Moonstone that is chosen just for you! Your new stone will be energetically cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping.

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