Cleansing Bundle | Selenite + Palo Santo Medicine Pouch

Cleansing Bundle | Selenite + Palo Santo Medicine Pouch


Palo Santo + Selenite are nestled in a suede medicine pouch for uplifting + happy vibes. Wear around your neck, keep it in your purse, or put it underneath your pillow for a happy heart and an uplifted spirit.

Selenite is an extremely absorbent crystal that soaks up unwanted energies. Selenite makes room for positive vibes by actively clearing the space around it. It also cleanses anything in close proximity. Keep close to your heart to purify any burdens that are weighing heavy on your heart + spirit.

Palo Santo is a holy wood from Peru that has a sweet + earthy scent. This smudge is purifying and helps to calm any high vibrations in a space. Inhale the sweet scent to ground your heart + spirit.


Each bundle comes with an explanation insert and is beautifully packaged.

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