Fluorite Sphere | Balance + Harmony

Fluorite Sphere | Balance + Harmony


Fluorite is a cleansing + meditative stone. It helps us to focus and remain calm when the waters get a little turbulent. Fluorite can come in an assortment of colors and each color appeals to a different chakra. Lucky for you, this point contains greens, purples, and a vein of blue, all which appeal to the crown, 3rd eye, throat, and heart chakras.

Fluorite is great for someone with big ideas and dreams but are afraid to take the leap and chase after those ambitions. It is also wonderful for someone who is already ambitious, but get over worked and stressed out. Fluorite helps to keep us motivated and focused without all the messy stress.


This listing is for a Fluorite Sphere that is chosen just for you! Your new stone will be energetically cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping.

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