Healing Bundle | Amethyst + Lavender Medicine Pouch

Healing Bundle | Amethyst + Lavender Medicine Pouch


Lavender + Amethyst are nestled in a suede medicine pouch for healing + calming vibes. Wear around your neck, keep it in your purse, or put it underneath your pillow to calm the spirit and heal the heart.

Amethyst is a wonderful stone for emotional guidance + healing stone. It is comforting and rids the physical + emotional body of past energies to open a pathway to healing. Amethyst helps us to break habits and rituals that are keeping us from progressing and moving forward. 

Lavender is a calming and soothing herb. Inhaling the soft scent of lavender will immediately calm your fluttering heart and restless spirit. Keep this bundle close to help you sleep at night.


Each bundle comes with an explanation insert and is beautifully packaged.

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