Purple Obsidian | Spirit + Power Crystal

Purple Obsidian | Spirit + Power Crystal


Harness your intuition and connect with your spirit guides with Purple Obsidian. This stone is wonderful for showing us the path of spirituality and what amazing wonders Divine intervention and the realm of the unknown can do for us. Purple Obsidian also helps us to connect to the Mother Earth, our role in the Universe, and to open our hearts to the love and abundance available to us. Purple Obsidian is a stone that shows us the power of spirituality and the endless possibilities through universal attraction, love, and growth. It connects us to our intuition, auric fields, and is one of the most powerful gazing stones.


Each piece is unique and magnificent. This listing is for a Purple Obsidian that is chosen just for you! Your new stone will be energetically cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping.

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