Cleansing Selenite Slice

Cleansing Selenite Slice


An XL Selenite Slice to cleanse and ground just about ANYTHING! Place your other crystals on top of the slice underneath the Full Moon to cleanse and ground your crystals. This piece is ultra sheer, but do not let its translucence fool you, it is thick and sturdy.

Selenite is a powerful cleanser. Think of it as the crystal version of smudge. Keep this sweet piece in the heart of your home to help keep your house cleansed. You can also set it on your altar with a bowl of Florida Water on top for an extra cleansing boost. Add some Cinnamon to the Florida Water for a boost of protection!

Dimensions: 12 inches long, 6 inches at its widest, 2.5 inches and its skinniest, and approximately 1 inch thick

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