Shaman Quartz | Mother Nature Messages + Wisdom

Shaman Quartz | Mother Nature Messages + Wisdom


Shaman Quartz is a stone that is for Earth lovers and Nature seekers! It contains Earth wisdom + medicine to help us heal and grow. It is also a great stone to help us connect and understand the animal kingdom.

Carry your Shaman Quartz to the mountains, desert, forest, anywhere in nature that you would like to connect to. Carry your crystal to your sacred nature spot and ask it to receive messages from the land around you and the animals that live there. You can set it on the ground and meditate for a time, soak it in the creek, or simply hold it in your hand while you soak in the majestic wonders around you. Next, put it underneath your pillow at night to dream those messages that you asked your crystal to carry.

Shaman Quartz is a wonderful crystal for the nature lover in your life. It is great for anyone who loves animals, needs some grounding, or is in need of some Earth Wisdom + Medicine.


Each piece is unique and magnificent. This listing is for a Shaman Quartz that is chosen just for you! Your new stone will be energetically cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping.

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